The Vanguard

The Party Embarks

14th Eagle - 19th Eagle, 3399cy

Defeating the wild hydra with some difficulty, the party, now thoroughly exhausted, straggled back to the Fernriver Inn and collapsed into their beds, with Voltair locking his door and moving away from the group. That night, Voltair had incredible vivid dreams of a great elf lord and his mounted entourage riding through a barren Derendir, with trees sprouting from their hooves, and a vision of them riding through a great swamp with a storm thrashing the trees overhead.
The next morning, the party awoke, and all but Voltair went downstairs to get breakfast, only to find the bar packed with patrons, who applauded their arrival. They discovered, while getting their meal, that many people wanted to talk with them. Some, such as Bariel or Thelmona, worried about practical matters for the town, the installation of a new elder, or the repair of Roc’s Heights. However, a young elf named Elion seemed to be a massive fan of Samuel and hung around him, having traveled far, and a halfling named Argust also watched with some interest. Voltair called everyone outside, and successfully got them away from the crowd (having fallen out his window trying a stealthy escape) and they planned their next steps in the alley outside. Meanwhile, Vaenaz began searching the village for any young proteges who he could recruit as a fellow rogue and apprentice.
The party decided that they would camp outside the city for a couple days while information was gathered and they decided what to do, and Brillon, Voltair, Ancathar and Adric departed and made camp a mile out. Vaenaz found a youth, Ordel, and gave him enough money to amply support his farm while he was out, and brought him along, while Samuel once again consulted with Thelmona on the issues facing the town, deciding that she would cover the picking of a new elder. Samuel also swung by his childhood home, cleaning it up and gathering a box of his personal items, which he gave to Sorus to distribute to those who needed it in the town. The house itself would be used as housing for refugees and resistance members who came to town.
Vaenaz also befriended Argust, though in the tavern the next day, they discovered Argust spying on them from outside, just as Voltair arrived. Catching him in an alleyway, they intimidated him into revealing that he was a spy of Ortanien, and dragged him to Samuel’s house for further interrogation. They extracted a variety of useful information about the Eye, the organization, and their current activities, before distributing that information among the members so that if any member was killed or captured by the Eye, the information would lead back to Argust. Humbled, Argust was forced to follow them back to the woods camp, knowing that his ticket to life lay with the party’s survival.
Once out in the woods, the entire group decided that they should pursue Voltair’s visions, thinking them to be of the god Nessarem, who Adric wanted to talk with. They decided to head south to the Nyranean Swamps, their best guess for where he was, and decided to swing by Kerellion on the way, where they had heard Ortanien was taking up residence. It was decided that Vaenaz would infiltrate Kerellion to find a Mogogue House drow wizard who might be assisting the Eye, and to gather information, before rejoining the party for the journey into the swamp. They travelled three days towards Kerellion, being attacked only by a Girillon on the third night, and woke up prepared to split and investigate Kerellion.

1184xp per character



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