Magic Items of the Vanguard

Cloak of the Manta Ray: Voltaire Oedipus : Allows breathing underwater and a heightened swimming speed.

Cloak of Elvenkind: Vaenaz Aresne : Gives advantage on Stealth checks and disadvantage on Perception to be spotted.

Bracers of Archery: Adric Amakiir : Bestows proficiency with bows and a bonus to attacks with them.

Balthenor: Adric Amakiir : Provides attack and damage bonuses, and has a particular dislike of dark elves.

Longbow +1: Adric Amakiir : Drow-made, provides attack and damage bonuses.

Sending Stones: Vaenaz Aresne/Samuel Orleana : Allow the holders to speak to one another across vast areas.

Ring of Protection: Voltaire Oedipus : Provides some protection to armor and saving throws.

Arrow of Beast Slaying: Adric Amakiir : Provides a one-time damage boost against a beast it hits.

Silver Raven of Wondrous Power: Samuel Orleana : Can turn into a raven able to communicate with the party.

Oil of Etherealness: Vaenaz Aresne : Allows the user to enter an ethereal demi-plane temporarily.

Bag of Holding: Brillon "Black Fist" Cyrgarten : Can carry vast amounts of treasure in an easy-to-carry form.

Wand of Magic Detection: Voltaire Oedipus : Detects magical auras in the area of use.

Boots of Speed: Vaenaz Aresne : Greatly increases the speed and dexterity of the user, sending them out of range of enemy attacks.

Keoghtoms Ointment: Voltaire Oedipus : Restores health and cures disease.

Nurgom’s Tooth: Vaenaz Aresne : Dwarven-made dagger, can release a small poison which deals additional damage.

Sylvanore: Voltaire Oedipus : Green dragonscale sword, allows the user to speak Draconic while wielding and has life-draining abilities.

Moriloam’s Staff: Samuel Orleana : Elven staff with the ability to wither foes.

Magic Items of the Vanguard

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