The Vanguard

The Oncoming Storm

12th Eagle - 14th Eagle, 3399cy

Rejoicing in their defeat of the green dragon and Onyx Eye representative Cylamaxon, the group (minus Vaenaz) drank heavily and danced with the residents of Goldenleaf at the Fernriver Inn, while Vaenaz waited in the woods at Erese Mendelen’s summoning circle for her hopeful return.
It was not long that he waited before Erese arrived, berating him for his involvement in the dragon’s fall and informing him that while she could hide his direct involvement, the Eye certainly knew that he hadn’t stopped the Vanguard from killing the Watcher in the North. Vaenaz, in return, informed her in a roundabout way of his intentions to destroy the Eye, and Erese left with a warning that toying with the Eye was a grave mistake, and the useful pieces of information that a new monk Watcher, Ortanien, was on his way to replace Cylamaxon, and that the Eye had placed a new spy to watch Vaenaz’s back. She also asked Vaenaz for a single favor – to protect her brother, hopefully by dissuading him from her tracks.
Meanwhile, at the inn, the festivities were interrupted by the arrival of a slightly drunk Ancathar, who brandished his gun and demanded to know the location of his sister. Calmed down by the party, he was finally subdued by Vaenaz’s promise to assist him in locating and protecting his sister, and joined the group to assist in the search.
Now paranoid with the knowledge that a spy might be watching them, the group planned a strategy to swap the appearances of Adric and Vaenaz, to set up a trap for the spy. Meanwhile, Samuel traveled north to his old hermitage, meditating on the cliffs, where he was briefly disturbed by a grey flash of cloak, which he investigated, finding nothing.
Vaenaz expertly made up Adric in makeup and himself and effectively made them totally swap appearances, causing some issues in recognition with Voltair, Brillon, and Ancathar. Adric went to a nearby pond to fish as Vaenaz, while Vaenaz silently tailed him, and Voltair distracted Brillon and Ancathar.
Vaenaz, circling Adric, soon found the spy, a Sea Elf in a Cloak of Elvenkind, who he ambushed and threatened, extracting a promise to leave them alone and provide information in return for his life and fake information to feed the Eye. Releasing the spy, Vaenaz tackled Adric into the water, and Adric absconded with Vaenaz’s clothes (though, he eventually got a spare pair from Voltair that saved the day).
Returning to the inn, the group made the decision to quietly go undercover at the village for a few days and await the return of Ortanien. Vaenaz made second contact with Erese, who filled him in on more information, that Ortanien was coming with a full martial force, and that the supervisor of the head of the Eye (mysteriously overseas) was becoming unhappy with the group, and making his displeasure known through his dwarvish assistant. She also let slip that Baraghost was a member of the Eye interested in taking out the party, who he felt had tricked him, and that the Eye knew nothing about the whereabouts of the Queen. With this information, the party prepared to wait the next days out til Ortanien arrived.
That night, Voltair went to the woods to pray, and received visions from Barvandor informing him of a lack of balance in Derendir between chaos and the law – the Eye’s rise had restricted the natural chaos too much. He went deep into the woods, seeking a wild beast, and while blindfolded came upon a hydra. The hydra attacked, and Voltair came very close to death, only being rescued by his steed, as the nearby party members rushed to his aid, with both Vaenaz and Ancathar almost falling to the blows of the beast. With the hydra in hot pursuit, the party set off fleeing through the forest, trusting Voltair, who hopes to lure it farther south….

700xp per character



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