Aya Raywalker

Proprietor of the Dancing Demon Inn, Sorvanden.


A high elf of the Sunfell region, Aya Raywalker stands almost six feet tall, average for her race, with short-cut warm blond hair. Her complexion is tan, her eyes a deep blue. She holds herself upright with a stateliness that belies her monk training and speaks in a very kind and gentle tone.


Aya Raywalker was raised in the Sunfell region of the Middle Kingdom, and at a young age sent off to train as a monk at the local Sun’s Rest Monastery. She proved to be very proficient at it, training very quickly and notable for her devotion to the goddess, but her constant disobeying of her superior’s orders led to her being released from the monastery. Optimistic til the end, she wandered to the nearby city of Sorvanden, where she purchased a decaying tavern off of a human occupant for a tiny payment. She fixed it up, cleaned it out, and established the Dancing Demon Inn, which she has been happily serving drinks at for twenty years, earning the love and respect of the local townsfolk. More recently, she has been spending time with Rhodri, who works with her at the inn.

Aya Raywalker

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