Bulgen Hillsung

Town Blacksmith of Sorvanden


A hill dwarf from the Northern Kingdoms, Bulgen has a large bushy red beard, which he ties at his waist to keep it from interfering with his smithing. His hair is also neatly folded back into a ponytail to keep it out from his eyes, giving a clear view of his haggard and tired complexion and many wrinkles. While not an old dwarf, Bulgen’s face is weathered and experienced, though his body stands strong and ready for action.


Originally from the Northern Kingdoms, Bulgen Hillsung sought work as an apprentic blacksmith on the road, eventually doing work in a caravan throughout the region of Kelest. Here he was taught by a master mountain dwarf their methods of blacksmithing, and learned how to build weapons of exceptional quality. After ending his apprenticeship, he sought a location in which to set up a permanent shop, eventually landing in the small town of Sorvanden, near the ruins of Old Magolen. With a particular interest in the lost smithing techniques of that ancient kingdom, he resolved to eventually venture there, though the day-to-day work has made that impossible for decades. He now continues to work at his smithy, creating the mundane tools for the farmers and workers of Sorvanden, and training his only apprentice, Voltaire Oedipus.

Bulgen Hillsung

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