Jenkar Alaghost

Cleric of Calath-Vir, of the Temple of Rest


A Middle Kingdom human, Jenkar stands nearly six feet tall, with a pale complexion and a dark black hair and grey eyes. He is usually seen in the black-and-white garb of his deity, Calath Vir, with the prominent scale emblem clear on the front, and carries a small warhammer at his waist. His eyes often shift around the room, constantly appraising his surroundings.


Jenkar hails from a wealthy family in the capital city of Veldess, where he trained as a knight for many years before failing one of the many required tests to join one of the knightly orders. Considering himself a failure, he attempted suicide, only to be rescued by a priest of the nearby Temple of Rest, dedicated to the god of life and death Calath Vir. Inspired by the priest, Jenkar took up the mantle of a cleric, learning the ways of his deity and serving as a faithful acolyte. However, he kept his hot head and sense of knightly honor, and when a group of Grey Necromancers challenged his priest in the street, Jenkar lost his temper and assaulted the wizards. Though he was not jailed for this, his clergy was forced to send him far away on an assignment to the tiny town of Sorvanden, where he has remained as the local priest, keeping himself aloof from the locals and making few friends, anticipating his return to Veldess.

Jenkar Alaghost

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